This is Wales: a country shaped by its people, inspired by its places, alive with adventure and opportunity.

Celebrating Wales, and Welshness!

Wales celebrates St David’s Day on 1 March
The National Eisteddfod is Europe’s largest music and poetry festival

Traditions and history

Bro a byd - Wales and the world

Explore our shores

A night shot of a lake and some mountains with starry skies behind

Gazing to the Welsh heavens

With three protected International Dark Sky Places within its borders, Wales is now one of the top destinations in the world for stargazing.

A scenic lake surrounded by large green mountains

The protected green spaces of Wales

Did you know Wales is home to three national parks and five Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty? Here’s an overview of our protected green spaces.

Surfer and van, Rest Bay

A question of balance

A scenic commute, surfing after work and weekend festivals make it possible to find the perfect work-life balance in Wales.


Around 19% of Wales has official Dark Sky status – perfect for stargazing