What are Cookies?

Cookies are datafiles that are stored on a web-user’s computer when visiting a website that requires cookies. Cookies record basic details related to website visits, this information is then used in many ways including tailoring content to users on subsequent visits, website performance measurement and marketing campaigns.

First-party cookies are placed on a web-user’s computer by the website they are visiting.  Third-party cookies are placed on a web-user’s browser by someone else with the permission of the website owner.

Please note that the cookies used by Wales.com do not record sensitive information such as a visitor’s name or address.

Managing Cookies

Cookies can be blocked completely by a web browser, or selectively via the web browser’s cookie manager.

To learn more about cookies in general or how to manage them, visit: www.aboutcookies.org

If you wish not to receive online advertisements, you can opt-out of cookies by going to the Network Advertising Initiative website.

How Wales.com use Cookies for measurement

Wales.com uses Google Analytics to provide statistics on website traffic and its sources.  This includes data on daily visits, pageviews, entry page, landing page, time on site, referrers, traffic type, clicks, click-through rate, page exit ratio, and bounce rate. 

Wales.com use this data to understand how visitors interact with its website in order to improve user experience.

First-party Cookies Used on Wales.com

Cookie Name

Purpose of the Cookie

ASP.NET_SESSIONID This cookie logs when the Wales.com website is open in a user’s browser.
SC_ANALYTICS_GLOBAL_COOKIE This cookie logs visitors who have visited the Wales.com website more than once within a given time period.
EXITSURVEYCTA This cookie is placed in a user’s browser that have been presented with a website exit survey as they are about to leave the Wales.com website.


Third-party Cookies Used on Wales.com

Cookie Name

Purpose of the Cookie

Google Google Analytics: This cookie is placed in a user’s browser to store information related to their preferences - such as preferred language (e.g. English or Welsh), the number of search results to display per page (e.g. 10 or 20), and Google’s SafeSearch filter setting.
YouTube Wales uses the popular streaming website YouTube to extend the function of its website. YouTube places cookies in a user’s browser that stores information related to the user’s browser theme, and enables the website to display adverts which advertisers pay to display.
DoubleClick DoubleClick is an online advertising service provided by Google. The service enables websites to display adverts on websites, and advertisers to control how often adverts are shown to users.


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