Unify - Cardiff Street Art Trail

You might expect the cultural scene in Cardiff to be all about ornate castles and priceless artworks tucked away in galleries. Think again, because in a city that's proud of its diverse communities, murals the size of a house create a vibrant street art trail around the city.

The installations were created by UNIFY, the Welsh creative collective at the forefront of the Welsh street art scene. They were designed to represent Cardiff’s multicultural society, and can be spotted within the very heart of the city. They are a key part of UNIFY's campaign to challenge perceptions of race, inclusion and identity within Cardiff's football (soccer)-loving communities.

Yusuf Ismail and Shawqi Hasson, part of the UNIFY creative team, share the inspiration and the challenges behind creating the trail-blazing installations.

You can see the murals for yourself at the following locations:

  • "Butetown Mona Lisa", part of the "My City, My Shirt" photography campaign - James Street, Cardiff Bay
  • "My Cymru, My Shirt" - Quay Street in Cardiff city centre.
  • "Gary Speed" - at the junction of Atlas Street and Leckwith Road.

Visit Instagram @u.nify to find out more.

Two men standing in front of a mural of a pregnant woman wearing a blue football shirt.
Two men in front of a mural on the side of a building. The mural shows a Black lady wearing a yellow Wales football shirt.
Two men standing in front of a mural of a man on the side of the building. The text reads 'Only one Gary Speed'.
Shawqi Hasson and Yusuf Ismail in front of the art installations across Cardiff

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