The Welsh Government has announced it will give every household in Wales a free tree.

The innovative initiative forms part of the government’s plans to increase tree planting in the country to combat the effects of climate change. Trees are natural carbon sinks, reducing excess levels of carbon dioxide in the air, which is the primary cause of global warming.

As part of the new project, which is being run in partnership with the Woodland Trust, Welsh households will be allowed to choose a native species of tree to plant themselves on their own land, or opt to have a tree planted on their behalf.

However, families will have to wait beyond the festive period for this particular gift, as the roll out of the trees doesn’t start until March 2022. From this point on, households will be able to collect their free tree from an expanding number of distribution centres set up throughout the country.

Speaking about the campaign and the benefits it could bring, Deputy Minister for Climate Change, Lee Waters, said, “Trees are amazing – they save lives by keeping our air clean, they improve people's physical and mental health, they are essential for tackling our nature emergency, improving biodiversity and, of course, in tackling climate change.”

“I am therefore pleased to announce we have partnered with the Woodland Trust to deliver a campaign that will provide every household in Wales an opportunity to plant a free tree in Wales,” Mr Waters added.

The free tree project is just one initiative aimed at expanding tree coverage in Wales, and follows the announcement of the National Forest scheme in spring 2020.

The National Forest for Wales is an ambitious plan to create one unbroken stretch of woodland that runs across the entire length and breadth of Wales, with planting having already begun at 14 sites around the country.

Find out more about the National Forest for Wales.

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