At his annual Welsh Government Diwali event in Cardiff, the First Minister of Wales announced 2024 as the year of Wales in India. A year to celebrate and strengthen the deep-rooted economic, educational, artistic and sporting ties between two nations of culture and innovation.

The year will showcase an exciting calendar of events across Wales and India. Together, we will foster new trade and investment opportunities, we will champion our cultural and sporting connections and we will strengthen our academic and healthcare collaborations.

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and together we have supported businesses to thrive. Whether it’s setting up Indian businesses for success in Wales or forging new trade routes, Wales in India will build on successes and open new opportunities for growth.

Not only is Wales a global leader in advanced manufacturing, cyber-security and renewables but we are known as the UK’s leaders in Life Sciences and Compound Semiconductors. Visit Trade and Invest Wales.

Wales in India is a celebration of two nations rich in culture, language, arts, and sport. Throughout this year, we will deepen our mutual appreciation and understanding through a series of vibrant, engaging events and through showcasing all our already deep-rooted partnerships. We will see a blend of Welsh and Indian traditions, with exhibitions, performances, and collaborative projects that highlight the rich and diverse cultures of both our nations.

In sports, we will celebrate our shared passion and excellence. With events like the Over 60s Cricket World Cup and other sporting exchanges, we will not only showcase our athletic prowess but also use these platforms for youth engagement and community development.

Together we will build on our ground-breaking partnerships in education. With Global Wales we are forging powerful partnerships that broaden the horizons of students and foster innovation through research and innovative projects.

We’re looking forward to seeing what the year will bring and how we will strengthen the relationship between the two nations.

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