As we’re all getting excited to get behind Wales as they’re about to enter the world’s biggest football tournament, we are pleased to release this very special podcast. Welcome to Soft Power Cymru, a show about Welsh sports diplomacy.

In celebration of Wales in Canada where we are looking to deepen our existing relationships and grow new ones. This podcast series focuses on the power of sports diplomacy in Wales, the connection between Wales and Canada in sports and how Wales is punching above its weight in this world.

Episode 1

What is sports diplomacy?

What exactly do we mean by sports diplomacy? In this episode we speak to Gavin Price, co-author of the report ‘Towards a Welsh Sports Diplomacy Strategy’. He helps us understand the meaning, history and relevance of sports diplomacy. Setting out how Wales’ sporting assets could help the country develop and strengthen its relations with the rest of the world.

We discuss:

- Successful examples that had huge impacts

- World leaders doing it their own way

- How Wales is shaping its own strategy


Listen here: Soft Power Cymru | What is sports diplomacy? 

Episode 2

Soft Power and Sport

How can diplomats use sport in practice? In this episode we speak to Andrew Wagstaff, the Head of Canada in Wales. As someone on the ground fostering relationships and ties between two nations, he shares how Welsh sport helps him reach his goals.

We discuss:

- Why sport can open doors

- How to measure soft power

- Surprise connections that spark unexpected opportunity


Listen here: Soft Power Cymru | Soft Power and Sport

Episode 3

Diplomats In Tracksuits

As the Welsh Women's rugby team lands in Canada for a test match, we follow the players as they become 'diplomats in tracksuits'. As they engage in a joint training session, we explore the diplomatic opportunities happening around them.

We explore:

- The benefit of players experiencing new cultures

- The impact a team from 'away' can have locally

- Why sports stars make great diplomats


Listen here: Soft Power Cymru | Diplomats in Tracksuits

Episode 4

The Main Event

As the Welsh Women's rugby team clashes against Team Canada in Halifax, we will move between the stands and VIP boxes, to uncover the diplomatic machine in operation. With a strong Welsh showing in the crowd and a bustling atmosphere, we learn about the opportunities around us. 

We explore:

- The opportunities at major fixtures

- How an expat community rallies around sport

- How events like these deepen important relationships


Listen here: Soft Power Cymru | The Main Event

Episode 5

The Green Green Grass Roots

As the Welsh Women's rugby team is hosted at a rookie rugby event with Team Canada, the kids of Halfiax get to run drills with their heroes. We uncover why paying attention to the grass roots is vital and how the impact it can have should never be underestimated.

We explore:

- The community impact 

- The long term effect

- Why this is a strength for Wales


Listen here: Soft Power Cymru | The Green Green Grass Roots

Episode 6

A World of Opportunity

With the World Cup in everyone's minds, we look at the amazing opportunity in Welsh football. From reacting to the 2016 Euros, to developing a complex diplomatic strategy.

We explore:

- The birth of a global brand

- Unexpected celebrity ambassadors

- The opportunity at hand


Listen here: Soft Power Cymru | A World of Opportunity

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