Urdd Gobaith Cymru is a National Voluntary Youth Organisation with over 55,000 members aged 8-25 years. Since 1922, the organisation has provided opportunities for children and young people to enjoy experiences through the medium of Welsh. A team of 210 staff and 10,000 volunteers deliver arts, sports and social opportunities for the children and young people of Wales.

The Urdd has always been a part of my life. From singing cerdd dant solos to competing in the International Pan Celtic Festival. From using my voice on the Anglesey youth forum to giving members a voice as president. From Paris to Patagonia, the list of opportunities the Urdd has given me is endless. Growing up, I was shy and kept myself to myself, but the confidence I've developed, thanks to the Urdd, has shaped my future.

I am proud to be part of a team driving the Urdd into the future. In 2022, we celebrated the Urdd's centenary. Today, 55,000 young people are members – it is Europe's largest youth organisation.

The ethos established in 1922 is just as strong today – simply, enjoy a wealth of opportunities through the medium of Welsh while remembering to give something back to the community.

The Residential Centre in Cardiff has been home to refugee families from Afghanistan. We have organised conferences calling for equality for women in sport. Over half the Urdd members are from non-Welsh speaking homes. The Urdd is racing on into the next century, and breaking down all barriers along the way.

A man holding a small child, both smiling.
Child from Afghanistan who lived in the Urdd's Cardiff Residential Centre for five months

The 2024 Peace and Goodwill Message

The 2024 Peace and Goodwill Message celebrates the centenary of the Welsh Women’s Peace Petition 1923-24, and underlines the ongoing need to advocate for peace.

This petition was co-ordinated by the Welsh League of Nations Union, and was signed by 390,296 Welsh women in a call for America to join and lead the League of Nations to prevent the outbreak of another war in the aftermath of World War One.

The Welsh delegation, led by Annie Jane Hughes-Griffiths presented the Memorial to US President Calvin Coolidge, alongside the National League of Women’s Voters which represented millions of American women. This act added further to the national story of Wales' rich peace heritage.

The petition was an act of hope for world peace, and its story inspired us to encourage a group of young women to create the 2024 this year's Peace and Goodwill Message.

The Welsh Women’s Peace Petition 1923-24 message emphasised the importance of persistently advocating for peace. It asserted that atrocities, wars, and violence must be stopped, and that co-operation, passion, and hope are the driving forces that can lead the towards a better future.

To create the 2024 Peace and Goodwill Message, the Urdd held a workshop with female attendees, to reflect the message of the Welsh women's petition 1923-1924. Elan Evans and the poet and singer, Casi Wyn, participated in discussions amongst the young women, to shape the direction of the message.

  Casi Wyn, singer, songwriter and Bardd Plant Cymru 2021-2023 discusses pushing for peace in times of global turmoil.

From Wales to the world

In May every year, the young people of Wales send a peace and goodwill message to young people all over the world. This is the only message of its kind in the world - and it is delivered in 65 languages. Over the years the Message’s topics have included the atomic bomb, refugees, poverty, war and violence and this year the message focuses on the climate crisis. The message’s reach is now unbelievable thanks to social media. 

Summer camps 

The doors of the four Urdd residential centres are open to all. From families to groups of friends, to those looking for adventurous experiences. Set in beautiful locations across Wales, from the Ceredigion coast to the shores of Llyn Tegid and a city centre experience in Cardiff Bay – Urdd holidays really offer something for everyone.

A couple of years ago, we opened Wales' first environmental camp opened in Pentre Ifan, Pembrokeshire. Pentre Ifan is a digital escape, where young people connect with their environmental and cultural landscape, and get to experience a more sustainable lifestyle. They grow and harvest their food from the garden kitchen, and cook along in the green-powered outdoor kitchen.

A woman sitting on a canoe on the water.
A long table laid out with dinner plates.
People sat on a sofa and talking with log burner in background.
Glan Llyn and Glan Llyn Isa' Camps, Bala, North Wales
A large group of people smiling at the camera
The Urdd's Rugby 7s Tournament

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