Ein Koch, der zwei Teller mit Essen trägt.

Essential Welsh eats

Can we interest you in a hearty soup? A thick fluffy pancake? Or even a breakfast of bacon and seaweed?

Bog myrtle and juniper freshly sourced

Great spirits

The established Penderyn distillery has won international awards for its Welsh spirits, while the Dyfi distillery are among a new generation of craft gin producers creating a real taste of Wales.

170,000 people work in the food and drink industry in Wales, generating £17.3bn to the economy
Chef plating up in restaurant

Welsh 'Swper' Stars

Join Lowri Haf Cooke on a gourmet road trip around Wales' nine Michelin star restaurants.

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Wales has more than 80 breweries
The UK’s biggest flock of salt marsh lamb lives on Gower