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12 December 2017

Merry Christmas/Nadolig Llawen

We’re looking forward to a very merry Christmas, or Nadolig Llawen as its know in Welsh

At Christmas and New Year we enjoy spending time with our family and friends. Ahead of the Christmas break, we’ve plenty of shopping to do. There’s a great choice on our high streets, in our arcades and many Christmas markets offering unique gifts. Our town and city centres are looking very festive, lit up with brightly coloured lights and trees.

Children enjoy a trip to see Father Christmas or Siôn Corn as he’s known in Welsh. We’ve winter wonderlands, such as in Cardiff and Swansea, where people can go ice skating and take fairground rides. People go to pantomimes and theatres at this time of year. - Have a look at Vist Wales suggestions for festive activities and some gift ideas.

Did you know you can post Christmas cards in Bethlehem town, Wales?

Many of the activities, such as decorating the Christmas tree and present giving, are common across the Western world, but we also have some unique Welsh traditions too. On Christmas Eve an old Welsh tradition of Noson Gyflaith, toffee making took place, mulled wine and punch drinks from the decorated Wassail bowl, followed by Plygain, singing in churches early on Christmas morning. The fascinating Mari Lwyd tradition is also something to read more about

More recent traditions include watching the Doctor Who special on Christmas and New years day. The popular sci fi series is filmed in Wales, so we enjoy spotting familiar places. There are also local derby matches in Rugby Union to look forward to and the Welsh Grand National over the Christmas to New year break. The in-form Cardiff Devils ice hockey team and Welsh football teams, including premier league side Swansea City FC, will have a busy schedule of matches to enjoy as well.

After all the feasting we like to wrap up warm and get outdoors. The Festival of winter walks is one of the ways to walk off all that rich food and fantastic Welsh produce. Some people brave the sea for a festive dip. Events taking place include the Porthcawl Christmas swim, Llandudno and Tenby Boxing Day dips.

Whatever you are doing to celebrate; 

We hope you have a great Christmas!