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Welsh music

Swn music festival

The land of song...

Wales has a strong musical heritage and a reputation as the land of song. On these pages, we hope to tell you a little about our constantly evolving Welsh music scene steeped in tradition.

In 2017 Lucie Jones, a former X Factor UK contestant, is one of many singers keeping that tradition alive. She represented the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest, perhaps the biggest singing competition in the World, and came 9th in the phone vote before finishing 15th overall, one of the UK's top finishes since the turn of the millennium. Chosen by the UK public for her song "Never Give Up on You" Lucie is just one example of the talent and passion for music that can be found in Wales. In fact, in 2013 Wales' capital city of Cardiff hosted WOMEX 13. This was testament not only to our great musical heritage but also to Wales’ growing reputation for being able to stage major international events,

Discover more about our musical instruments, the Llangollen Music Eisteddfod choral traditions, classical music, other music genres and where to study music in Wales.

Picture of 'Song' sculpture at Cwmcarn Forest Drive picnic area, Caerphilly
Land of song
Singing is part of the Welsh psyche. Here we share some of what singing means to us.
Llangollen Eisteddfod

The annual Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod attracts people from all around the world.