Picture of Hamper of Welsh foods
Hamper of Welsh foods

Welsh food and drink

We love our food in Wales, and so we should. We pride ourselves on supplying some of the finest produce in the world. Our landscape reflects freshness, quality and variety. Fresh and local are two words you’ll often hear to describe the food available here today. There’s meat fresh from the farm, fish fresh from the coast and vegetables dug up that morning.

Try our modern recipes that use some of our delicious produce, such as Welsh lamb. We are also rightly fond of our traditional favourites like Welsh Cakes, a type of scone cooked on a stove-top griddle. And we think there’s nothing quite like the treat of a Welsh afternoon tea with Bara Brith (which translates as speckled bread), a wonderful sticky fruitcake served sliced and smothered in butter.

Laverbread, not actually bread at all but seaweed, is often fried into crisp patties with eggs, bacon and fresh cockles for a traditional Welsh breakfast.

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