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Shopping in Cardiff arcades
Special Welsh Gifts
[St Davids Shopping centre cardiff] Ever been stuck on what to buy for your other half? Visit Wales has you covered with a selection of Welsh Goods You can forget about cuddly sheep and dragons too...
The Best Pound Around
The United Kingdoms £1 coin is having a makeover in WALES. Craftsmen and women working at the Royal Mint in Llantrisant , Wales will be working overtime in the coming months to strike (create)...
Jade Jones
Rio Records
So we were right to be excited, Team GB were unbelievable, what a Games! Bucking the trend, Britain is the first country to win more medals at the next Games after a home Games, with Team GB winning...
Surfing at Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire
Summer in the sea
There’s nothing better than a wet summer... and by that of course, we mean a summer spent in the sea The sound of the surf hitting the beach, the distant hum of laughter and enjoyment, the...
Olympic rings outside Cardiff City Hall
Rio Ready
The athletes are Rio ready and here in Wales we’re Rio ready too! While the athletes are packing their bags and tapering their training, we’re checking there’s enough space to...