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About Wales

Here you will find information about Wales, including information about our history, our languages, our music, our food, and much more.

Llanddwyn Island beach, Anglesey
Festivals, events, sport, there's so much to do in Wales during the summer. Find out what Wales is like from June to August...
football players
Welsh sport
We're passionate about our sport in Wales, find out more about Rugby, Football and athletics in Wales...
Want fresh local ingredients? Take a trip to the market
12 hours ago
Small & beautiful - & that's official! We're proud of our 5 AONBs
13 hours ago
Discover the South West of Wales. Home to @PembsCoast @walesbotanic & @StDavidsCath
1 day ago
Discover Welsh cheeses or 'caws' & cheese recipes
1 day ago