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UK-India 2017-18

Eleven Welsh arts projects took Welsh culture to India and India to Wales in 2017! 

Welsh and Indian creative professionals travelled to each other’s countries to work together to and develop, produce and perform new work.

The diverse portfolio of projects will see Indian and Welsh partners working together across a range of art forms, including theatre, dance, visual arts, literature and music.

Performances take place in India and Wales throughout 2017 and 2018, and some of the work will be available online.

Artists and audiences in both countries are set to benefit from opportunities including workshops, tours and talks. The projects, funded by Wales Arts International and British Council, have been designed by arts organisations and creative professionals from across Wales in partnership with Indian organisations.

Some of the project highlights:

  • Theatr Iolo work with ThinkArts, an Indian company that produces arts events for children, to develop new theatre for babies and young children.
  • Parthian Books will work with India’s Bee Books on their project Through the Valley, City, Village, which will see Indian and Welsh writers working together in Bengal and Wales to produce a new book.
  • Welsh theatre company Living Pictures will tour India with their production Diary of a Madman, working with Indian company QTP Entertainment to provide technical skills workshops. A performance will take place at the Tata Steel sponsored Literature Live event in Mumbai. 
  • National Theatre Wales, Chapter Arts, Literature Wales and Ffotogallery are just some of Wales’ big cultural names that will be building links with India.
  • Diffusion: Cardiff International Festival of Photography 2017 included an exhibition created by Ffotogallery Wales as part of their Dreamtigers, where artists and cultural professionals from India and Wales collaborate. A Million Mutinies Later showcases the lives of future generations, India at 70.
  • Also at the Hay Festival, will be poetry that celebrates the vibrant cultural exchange between Wales and India
  • Cardiff Dance Festival 2017 benefitted from dance artists from across India and Wales joining to perform.
  • The India Centre Cardiff is the oldest and largest Indian community association in Wales. They have celebrated the year of culture by organising a performance of Kathak, a classical Indian dance form at the Reardon Smith Theatre
  • Wales’ Coreo Cymru and 4pi Productions and Danceworx India created a new 360° Fulldome dance film named Liminality. It involved a cast of over 40 dancers from India and Wales and was shot in coastal and urban locations in both countries. It is to be premiered in April 2018.
  • Follow Winding Snake’s Jenny Allan, who is creating blogs from the arts collective’s tour of India;
  • And a statue of Gandhi was unveiled to the Welsh Community (below image)

At the launch, Welsh Economy Secretary Ken Skates said:

“Wales has strong and long-standing relations with India.  The UK-India Year of Culture 2017 offers an important opportunity for Wales and India to refresh and strengthen these links, and also to create new dynamic connections and creative collaborations.

In 2018, there are new collarberations lined up. 

Ten poets from India and Wales are taking part in an exchange organised by Literature Across Frontiers (LAF) and partners in India.

  • 12th – 14th Jan: Bhubaneswar Literary Meet      
  • 14th – 16th Jan: The Hindu Lit for Life Festival, Chennai 
  • 22th – 27th Jan: Kolkata Literary Meet
  • 26th – 28th Jan: Hyderabad Literary Festival       
  • 25th – 29th Jan: Jaipur Literary Festival 
  • 20th – 31st Jan: Vedica Scholars Programme for Women, Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication, Delhi
  • 09th – 11st Feb: Brahmaputra Literary Festival, Guwahati

The collaborative project has brought them together to explore each other’s home location and create new work in six languages during a series of residencies in both countries. Alternating between the hustle and bustle of Indian metropolises and the peace and quiet of Welsh towns and rural locations. 

Khamira, an ongoing collaboration between Welsh band Burum and three leading Indian musicians, will tour India in 2018  and featured in the 30th Anniversary Hay Festival.