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Wales and the USA

Ties between the US and Wales date back to the early 17th century and remain strong today, with both countries sharing deep-rooted values, cultural exchanges and a vibrant trade in goods, services and knowledge. This transnational support can particularly be seen in sectors such as:

  • Environment: Wales has steadfastly worked to maintain a green global footprint through investments in a number of low carbon projects. The Welsh Government is currently supporting US automaker Ford in developing its fuel-efficient EcoBoost engine at its state-of-the-art plant in Bridgend, Wales. A number of US companies such as Sharp, Centrica, EDF and Magnox, among others, also currently take advantage of the abundant natural and intellectual resources available with offices in the nation.
  • Defense: The US and Wales share an understanding of the importance of a strong defense sector not only for improved global security but also for business and employment opportunities, with tens of thousands of individuals employed in the space. Wales also holds the honor of hosting the 2014 NATO Summit, during which global leaders will gather to discuss ways to continue shaping comprehensive security solutions and strengthening international cooperation.
  • Culture and Media: The performing arts and culture have long been strengths of Wales, and currently a number of well-known professionals hailing from the nation hold notable roles in theatre, television and film in the US. This list includes Oscar winners Sir Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Christian Bale and prominent composer Karl Jenkins, among hundreds of others.
In recent years, Wales has participated in a number of high profile events in the USA.
There are approximately 210 companies in Wales that are US headquartered/owned or have significant ties to the USA.
All of our universities have links with the USA while Fulbright and Marshall scholarships offer enhanced studying opportunities.

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