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If you're interested in finding out more about collaboration and innovation in Wales then we have a range of publications below which are available to download. Click on any publications that are of interest to you and you'll be taken to the download page.

Advances Wales

Advances Wales is a free quarterly magazine from the Welsh Government showcasing the latest research and developments in science, engineering and technology in Wales, whilst encouraging collaboration for further development.

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Special digital technology edition featuring products such as Favography and a new dementia app.
Special Bioscience edition featuring stories such as the development of a new method to “barcode” individual humans.
Read about the diverse range of development and innovation in Wales; from the creation of an all-weather solid flammable biofuel and much more.
See how The Royal Mint has developed world-leading, anti-counterfeit technology in their new pound coin.
Digital technology edition. Published for Digital 2014 we cover developments in mobile applications, cloud services, big data & cyber security.
Issue 71 is dedicated to Welsh bioscience. Our special feature highlights the work of Welsh universities in the field of synthetic biology.
The Winter 2013 issue has a new look! Find out more about the results of Cardiff University’s ground-breaking study into Alzheimer’s disease.
In this issue we explore a number of opportunities to collaborate and engage with the St David’s Day Group of Universities.
Issue 68 covers the innovative peptide 'drill' technology developed by a company in Wales, nanoparticle analysis and more
Issue 67 revisits a selection of companies previously featured and shows how their developments have grown through innovation
Bridging the digital divide – How innovation from Wales is making a world of difference in developing countries
Cardiff University’s MEC Centre innovative use of technology, Calon Cardio-Technology’s next generation of implantable micro-pump for heart failure
Welsh innovations showcased at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, news of the appointment of Wales’ first Chief Scientific Officer
The thriving Bioscience sector in Wales in the run up to BioWales 2010, one of the largest bioscience brokerage events in the UK
A major breakthrough in understanding Alzheimer’s by Cardiff University, the expansion of pharmaceutical companies in Wales
Wales’ efforts to combat e-crime and a Welsh companies fight against online fraud
The possible use of ryegrass as a sustainable biofuel and Bangor University’s advances in designing natural polymers
Centred around the BioWales international brokerage event
If you ever doubted that Wales is a significant international player then read the features in this issue. Your doubts will disappear

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