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Pre Games Training Camps

Oceania Paralympic Committee in Wales

With over 200 countries taking part in London 2012, many of these athletes needed a place to train in the run up to the Games. Wales was particularly successful in attracting Olympic and Paralympic Committees to co-ordinate training camps here that allowed athletes to adjust to different climates, recover from jet lag and fine tune preparations to compete.

Wales has 32 LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games) accredited Olympic and Paralympic facilities catering for all Olympic and Paralympic sports and disciplines.

The following countries/teams prepared for London 2012 in Wales: 

Country or Association Team Training Location
Australia Full Australian Paralympic Committee Cardiff and Newport
Amateur International Boxing Association Multi-Nation Boxing Camp Cardiff University - Talybont
Botswana Full Olympic Team Cardiff
China National Paralympic Committee of China Bangor University
Fiji Oceania Paralympic Committee Cardiff
Great Britain Olympic Cycling Newport
Great Britain Olympic Women's Basketball Cardiff
Great Britain Paralympic Cycling Newport
Hong Kong Olympic Swimming Cardiff
Korea Korean Paralympic Committee Cardiff
Lesotho Full Olympic Team Wrexham
Liberia Liberia Paralympic Team Cardiff
Mexico Full Paralympic Team Swansea University
New Zealand NZ Olympic Athletics Team Cardiff
New Zealand NZ Paralympic Team Swansea
Papua New Guinea Oceania Paralympic Committee Cardiff
Russia Olympic Canoeing Cardiff
Samoa Oceania Paralympic Committee Cardiff
Soloman Islands Oceania Paralympic Committee Cardiff
Tonga Oceania Paralympic Committee Cardiff
Trinidad and Tobago Full Olympic Team Cardiff
USA Paralympic Cycling Newport
Vanuatu Oceania Paralympic Committee Cardiff


"We definitely made the right choice in coming to Wales" says Annette Knott, Vice President and Chef de Mission, Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee