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About Wales

Here you will find information about Wales, including information about our history, our languages, our music, our food, and much more.


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Find out what Wales is like during our summer months – June to August
Some interesting facts and figures about Wales.
Find out where we are, and how to visit us.
Scroll through the history of Wales in our interactive timeline to learn more about our castles, museums and St David, the patron saint of Wales.
We're proud of our landscape because it offers us so many things to do. Find out more about our mountains, beaches, lakes, gardens and coast path.
Find out more about the Welsh language here.
Learn about some Welsh traditions including lovespoons, Mari Lwyd and Plygain
Wales has had a devolved government since 1999.
Our country is a popular location for filming.
With a reputation for being the land of song, Wales has an ever-evolving music scene.
We celebrate our Patron Saint on 1 March each year.
Find out more about Welsh culture in our arts and literature section.
We're passionate about our sport in Wales, find out more about Rugby, Football and athletics in Wales. Image © WRU
Learn about our cheeses, Welsh mountain lamb, seafood & whisky. Discover our food festivals, markets and how make some of our favourite Welsh dishes.
A quick overview of some of the highlights of our different regions and galleries of images from all over Wales.
101 facts about Wales, including that canned beer and artificial rain were invented in Wales