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Mussels cooked in Cider & Leeks

We love our food in Wales and so we should. We pride ourselves on supplying some of the finest produce in the world. Our landscape reflects freshness, quality and variety and fresh and local are two words you’ll often hear to describe the food available here today. There’s meat fresh from the farm, fish fresh from the coast and vegetables dug up that morning.

We’re also pretty good at cooking. Having great ingredients helps but all over our country, you’ll discover innovative cookery by award-winning chefs using quality local ingredients.

However, we’re still rightly fond of our traditional favourites. Laverbread, not actually bread at all but seaweed, is often fried into crisp patties with eggs, bacon and fresh cockles for a traditional Welsh breakfast. And we think there’s nothing quite like the treat of a Welsh afternoon tea with Bara Brith (which translates as speckled bread), a wonderful sticky fruitcake smothered in butter. Or Welsh Cakes, a type of scone cooked on a stove-top griddle. Try cooking some of our favourite dishes at home with our recipe selection.

Explore some of the links below to find out more about our produce in Wales and our food events.

Caerphilly is probably our best known cheese export but we're also pretty good at soft cheese, blue cheese, flavoured cheese, goats cheese...
World famous Welsh Black Beef and Welsh Mountain lamb top menus in pubs and restaurants all over Wales.
Our markets are the best places to pick up all our local produce. You can’t buy fresher – and know exactly where the produce came from.
Did you know we have our very own whisky distillery? Welsh bottled water is pretty popular too.
With all our local produce, our restaurants, gastro inns and cafes are filling up and getting rave reviews.
There's a food festival somewhere in Wales nearly every weekend. We highlight some of our favourites here.
Our recipes include Welsh lamb and some delicious desserts for you to try using Welsh ingredients.
Follow our food trail for a flavour of our finest produce.
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