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Visiting Wales and Visa requirements

Visiting Wales

Find out more about why you should visit Wales, how to get there, where to stay, and what there is to see and do by visiting

Getting a Visa

As a part of the United Kingdom, Wales is safeguarded by the UK Border Agency.

WorldBridge is a commercial company, working in partnership with the UK Border Agency. Full information on whether you need a visa for travelling to the UK and, if so, how to apply for one can be found on the WorldBridge website you will also have the option to email a specific visa information enquiry.

Applicants can also get information about how to obtain a visa by calling WorldBridge’s user pay phone service, Monday to Friday, 0900-1700 Eastern Standard Time at1-900-656-5000. Each minute will cost $3.00 US Dollars plus tax and will be billed to you by your telephone service provider.

If you wish to pay by credit or debit card with the Visa or Master Card logo using a secure automated system, please call1-212-796-5773. Please note that each call will cost $12 US Dollars regardless of length of call.