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They’re so good they were once used as part of divorce settlements. Under the laws of Welsh ruler Hywel Dda cheeses that were washed in brine went to the wife and cheeses that were hung up went to the husband.

A leisurely pub lunch or an after dinner cheeseboard are a chance to explore local cheese. If you see ‘caws’ on the menu, take note. ‘Caws’ is the Welsh word for cheese. It is often followed by the name of the farm or region where it is produced like Caws Teifi or Caws Preseli.

Caws Teifi Cheese produces a Dutch style Gouda type cheese with a smooth and creamy texture. Caws Teifi Cheese is part of Teifi Valley Cheese producers; a group of artisan cheese makers of the highest quality all located within the picturesque Teifi Valley, which has become known as the ‘Loire of Welsh cheese making’.

Try the fresh taste of the award winning 'Pont Gâr' soft cheese, a great palate cleanser or 'Perl Las' – a powerful blue cheese with a lingering mellow creamy aftertaste. Both of these cheeses are made by Caws Cenarth Cheese, a specialist hand made producer of organic artisan cheese made on a family farm in West Wales.

South Caernarfon Creameries make a range of cheeses including the award winning aged Old Shire Vintage Special Reserve, claimed to be the best vintage cheddar in the world.

You’ll find Welsh cheese in shops throughout Wales, including our supermarkets and delicatessens. Welsh cheese is exported across the world too. Gorwydd organic Caerphilly is sold as far afield as the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Japan, while Collier’s Cheese is exported as far as South Africa and Australia and you’ll find the Snowdonia Cheese Company produce in Singapore, Thailand and Canada.

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