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Welsh National Anthem App

song sheet Welsh National Anthem

Want to learn how to sing our wonderful National Anthem? There’s a new mobile app that can do just that.

The Dragon Songs app was launched today at the National Eisteddfod of Wales by Jill Evans, Member of the European Parliament, who is a Welsh learner.

The Dragon Songs app provides the most comprehensive toolkit on the app market for anyone interested in learning the Anthem including:

Gwenno Dafydd singing the Anthem with Harri Davies accompanying on the piano.
Harri Davies separate piano accompaniment.
Harri Davies playing a fresh new acoustic guitar accompaniment
A phonetic translation to assist pronunciation.
A subtitled video ‘talk through’ by Gwenno Dafydd

The Dragon Songs app is on the App Store to download at the promotional price of 69 pence for the duration of the Eisteddfod (ends 11 August).

The vocalist Gwenno Dafydd is a performer extremely experienced in singing the National Anthem, including at the Welsh Athletics Championships and the Commonwealth Games Trials.

18 year old Harri has already gone through to the final round of the ‘Cardiff Music Festival’ - Singer / Songwriter Competition, performed as a soloist on the stage of Saint David’s Hall in the 2011 Remembrance Concert and recently on the Glanfa Stage in the Millennium Centre.