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Innovation and ICT

Technology-based businesses in Wales can benefit from an integrated innovation support package available from the Welsh Government.

Innovation support is delivered by a team of highly experienced Innovation Specialists, design managers, manufacturing managers and Intellectual Property Specialists - all of whom have extensive industrial experience.

We build and maintain relationships with venture capitalists, key organisations and well known multinationals, ensuring that new products, processes and technologies are successfully brought to market.

Beyond the financial and practical support available for innovation, there is also support for ICT Exploitation.

Across the key sectors, businesses can access:

  • The ICT Diagnostic Service - a business wide IT health check, where an expert identifies opportunities and recommendations for improvement - no cost to client.

  • eBusiness support - to identify, evaluate and aid in project managing the implementation of ICT solutions - subsidised support.

  • ICT Capital Expenditure funding to support the findings of eBusiness Support activities.