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Welsh lakes and rivers

Llyn Tegid, Gwynedd, Snowdonia

We've got 398 natural lakes. Not counting the 90 we built ourselves. 

Llyn is the Welsh word for lake. Llyn Tegid (also called Bala Lake) in Gwynedd. According to legend the lake is inhabited by a friendly monster known as Teggie. However it's over 4 miles long, so there's still lots of room for canoeing, kayaking and wind surfing.





Snowdonia's Lake Vyrnwy has a deep past. The dam that created the lake, completed in 1888, submerged the whole village of Llanwddyn. At times when the water level drops far enough the ruins of the old village reappear.





We've got loads of waterfalls too. Pistyll Rhaeadr is 73 metres (240 feet) high which is 22 metres (73 feet) higher than Niagra Falls. Another of our waterfalls Sgwd yr Eira, meaning fall of snow, is 50 feet high. It gets its name because of its torrential foaming white water.


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